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EverAlt's Handmade Heritage Collection

Each product was hand crafted by skilled artisans; using recycled and salvaged materials combined with skilled workmanship. Made to be used for generations.
Rustic, charming, retro or vintage call it what you want our Handmade Heritage Collection makes being eco-conscious stylish.

Everalt's Retro/Vintage Collection

Going back to move forward. Past generations knew some things that we have forgotten. Buy things that last, because quality never goes out of fashion. Re-use and re-fashion what you have, because trends never last. Beauty and function can coexist. With these things in mind we present our Classics Collection. Built to last with beauty and function combined.

Plant based Plastics

With innovative new materials such as wheat straw and bamboo; plant based plastics are taking over. Made from renewable resources and 100% biodegradable Plant based plastics give convenience to eco-conscious consumers

EverAlt's Coffee Collection

From ethically source roasters who get their beans from Fair Trade micro farms. Hand picked and sorted, eco-husked and sun dried our selection of coffees exude flavor and aroma unlike any other.
Combined with our handcrafted eco-conscious kettles, pots and cups we strive to deliver the perfect cup of coffee.



Our number one focus is to work for a cleaner planet in order to protect the livelihood of future generations.
Our approach is a simple one.

Handmade Artisan Products &
Natural products from renewable resources and new eco-friendly reusable materials.

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